While I was Gone…

So if you’ve noticed, I have not done post in a while, intentionally but not intentionally. My blog is definitely still active, but while I was gone I’ve been on my Instagram account trying to build my brand.

If you don’t follow my blog on IG, it’s @Imstillfly.Momblog

I have all kinds of updates and pictures and stories and hacks and everything over there.

As you all know as moms we have a lot going on, on a daily basis and I promise I’m trying to pull it all together, trying to snatch this shit right. Between life, my blog, my social media branding, and of course my son… things get real busy over here for you girl.But don’t count me out.

And please still subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts.

Just in case you missed the ball stuff but more stuff will be coming here that’s not going to be on my bugs and vice-versa so you got to be into with all my account. Anyway thanks for following me and checking in and I love you guys.

Stay fly! ✌🏽