Amazing Tips to Help You Potty Train Your Resistant Toddler (Like Mine)

Disclaimer: iCuss

So I would say I started fake potty training January 2020. At the time I’m writing this it’s November. I call it fake because I was trying here and there to get him to sit on the sit-down pot. Which his butt acted like he was even scared to sit on. 

Then in June he got urinal pot, which had me thinking okay this might work a little better since he doesn’t seem to want to sit down. That halfway worked, it still wasn’t consistent. He wasn’t, I wasn’t so

That was basically a crock of shit too. 

Then I call myself a really trying to get into it in like August/September. I’m like okay, I’m asking him if he had to go to the pot on a regular I got him some training underwear I started putting him in Pull-Ups. FAIL! Not only was he not telling me when he had to go, even though I asked him, he would wait good until I put on a pamper or Pull-Up and then pee. Or he would stand by the tub and pee on the outside of the tub or he would pee inside the tub. Then this little joker I had the nerve to pee on my bedroom floor I lost my shit!!

Let me set this scene for you..

I’m in my bathroom, which is right beside my bedroom, okay. I’m on the toilet myself so I invite him to use his pot. I’m asking him constantly, “Pee pee? Do you have to pee pee?”. He’s repeating me, which he does often, he’s saying pee pee back or he goes over to the pot.

He came into the bathroom with his pamper on and proceeds to take it off and tell me he had to pee pee, which is why I kept asking him. He goes over to the pot, stands there, does nothing, he leaves out. Comes back to the bathroom says pee pee, I said okay well go pee pee and he goes over to the pot stands there, nothing happens, leaves out.

I’m like okay let me hurry up and get up so I can go ahead and put a pamper on this boy. I go in the room and my fucking foot slides and I feel something wet. I done stepped in a puddle of pee. So either he was telling me he peed in my room and he was playing with me by telling he had to pee, knowing he had already peed in my room. Either👏🏾 way 👏🏾I 👏🏾was 👏🏾pissed!! 🤬So now I got to clean up piss, clean off my foot, clean off the floor and then I got the drag him into the bathtub so he can get cleaned up. Pissed! I could not understand it! I was like, “My dude you were right in front of the pot and you chose to pee on my floor, why cuz?” I was just ficked up, it baffled me.

At this point I completely saw he just was not into potty training he wasn’t going to go I couldn’t force him so I fell back. I had to step back and restrategize and come with a better plan. I spoke with his teacher and she gave me some ideas she sent me this booklet which had some good ideas in it on how to potty train in 3 days.

After I read it, I put things into work. She suggested getting the training underwear, so if he peed in them the wet underwear would be uncomfortable and encourage him to get in the pot. I got them and put on him. That didn’t work, he didn’t care at all about being wet. knows next when we talked about the pull-ups he didn’t care about those she said pull-ups were just as bad as diapers she was correct he didn’t care about being wearing those I got him to train underwear with the plastic on the way to go over top one time he peed and it was like a pot on there and it seemed to bother him other than that he didn’t care about being wet knows even he didn’t even care about s******* at him he should have them two or three times capital one I like my dude really I just don’t understand how to poop don’t bother them I guess they used to work I don’t know but the stink and much I just ugh. So everything I was told would possibly push him towards wanting to go to the bathroom when he felt the urge was not working. After I read the booklet she emailed me and you some of my own thoughts just from observing him and the potty watch I got I think I got a good method so much soda his teacher said she had never seen the turn around that quickly and enjoyed that I mean it went from one week to nothing to a week later that he was wearing underwear all day no accidents even asked him to go to the bathroom when he had a painful one because I still put diapers or pull-ups on him overnight we’re not a hundred percent were like 95

So I’m going to lay out for you below the things you need and what I did to get him to being potty trained.
Items I used

  • Pot (duh)
  • Urinal Pot
  • Ziploc bag (large enough to hold the items below)
  • Gloves
  • Wipes (I didn’t have flushable but they’re probably the better choice)
  • Potty Watch
  • Toilet tissue (to dab the drips)
  • Timer (I used the one on my phone)
  • REWARDS: I used candy and made an air horn sound to celebrate him

•Basically what I did was focus on nothing but potty training for 3 days.  Meaning I don’t leave the house to do anything (which was simple enough since we’re in a quarantine), and no working while doing it. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything that required mental focus because of how much I would have to stop. 

•I set his watch to go off in 30 minute intervals for him to go sit on his pot. I wanted him to have to watch so he could feel like he was a part of and had some control in the process.  

•I would time him for 10 seconds using my phone. 

•He would have to sit on the pot for the full 10 seconds to receive a treat.

•If he went to the bathroom during any of those times or at all, he would get a treat and an air horn sound effect. (I get my sound effects from the ZEDGE app). The small, individual candies work the best to limit having them eat a lot of candy.

•Create a song, make up a dance, shout, scream “Yaaay”, applaud like crazy, etc. Have yourself a good way to praise them, and praise them big when they do well and go potty, or even if they just sit for their allotted time. The praise from you drives them to better so they can keep getting it.

•If they do pee in themselves, don’t make them feel bad. That will make them scared. Just remind them that they need to go sit on their pot or let you know so you can help them. Ex. “It’s ok baby, you made a mistake and we all do. Don’t be (sad). I’m not mad, remember to sit in your pot when you feel the pee or poo coming. Let’s get you cleaned up. *Then hug and/or kiss them*

•I would hold up the clear bags with the treats so that he could see them and let him pick one.

•I tried to learn from my previous mistakes attempts. 😊 So no Pull-Ups were harmed during this training.  I actually let him be bare bottomed. I felt like it he had no safety net it would discourage him from peeing on himself with nothing to absorb it. I found out before, that he clearly wasn’t bothered by having a pissy ass or even a shitty one.  So this worked for us.

•At night I still made him wear a pull-up but I would usually find that he would wake up dry.

We have not made it to the no pull-ups at night, but that’s mostly because he’s sleeping in my bed and I don’t want any more pee in it than he’s already done.

Comment below and I me know if you’re ready to potty train or is you are and how it’s going. I’d love to hear any tips or thoughts you have too.

Love y’all, hear! 😘