Nah, I’m Not Putting My Son on Social Media

If you have a photograph of your child, who do you give copies to?  Is that picture ok for anyone in the world to have and possibly share? 🤔🤔

For me putting my son on social media means that I’m giving everyone in the world the opportunity to have his picture.  And although I’m not being selfish with him, I am keeping him private to share with those that I truly care about. 😍

I’m often asked if I’m going to put his picture, or share his name.  In short, “No”; however,  neither of those are set in stone and may change in the near or distant future.  Honestly it comes down to when EYE’M ready and comfortable with my decision.  

I refuse to let people think they can dictate how I do anything with my son just because THEY don’t agree with it or understand.  You may not understand or ever will,  but you don’t have to in order to respect my choice.  As long as my decision isn’t harming him,  then I don’t care how you feel.  There’s only one who has a right to fight in that battle, the other one that helped create him, God 😝😝 Jack-a-boy, his father. Even then if I feel strongly in my convictions about being uncomfortable, it is still no haps.  

As it stands his face will remain private, at least in public forums.  But I have put pictures of him up, just not his face.  And those are very sporadic, I’m not trying to make a spectacle of me not showing his face by trying to tease people by continuously hiding it. When there’s something i wanna share I do, and the last thing I need or want is scrutiny from people who have no position in raising him or somehow feel entitled.  

I’ve even had someone tell me,  “If you’re not going to show his face, just don’t post pictures of him.” It took everything in me not to type,  “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to post on MY page and what to do with MY son?”. I was really proud that I said something close but I didn’t cuss.  That’s progress yall, because #iCuss. 😆

So for any other mothers who don’t want to show their child, do you. There’s nothing wrong with that, regardless of how much other information you may share on your page. Kudos for standing your ground and choosing to keep something private, especially one of the most precious parts of your life. Too many people overshare as is, do they can’t seem to understand when people don’t want to share as freely. Some things need to remain private and you don’t owe anybody any explanations otherwise.