My 5 + 1 Favorite Baby YouTube Channels

Hey Ladies,

These are my favorite YouTube channels of baby shows I put on for my son.


He gets very captivated by them, so I appreciate that he is learning too. But let’s be honest, it keeps his attention when I’ve got shit to do. 😎 Lol

YouTube is my co-parent. 😁😁😁

1. Super Simple Songs

This is my most favorite right now. He gets so excited when I put it on. And the fact that I get nostalgic when they sing songs that I remember from my youth makes me excited. I still love “Skidda ma rinka Dinka do”. 😄 Did anybody else watch “Sharon, Lois, and Bram” as a child?


2. Kids Camp

This was my former favorite. Most videos are 60+ minutes. They modernized some of the melodies and it makes it fun to dance with baby. Plus they have a LIVE broadcast that just play indefinitely. 😁


3. Little Baby Bum

Cute animation and babies on the screen singing too. They sing a lot of the common nursery rhymes.


4. Cocomelon

The diversity of this channel is my favorite thing. 😍 Being able to have my son see other brown babies that look like him wanna my heart. 💓💓


5. Chu Chu Tv

I like the realistic movement in the animation. The scenes are a little dramatic so the singing isn’t as whimsical. It’s a little advanced so it doesn’t hold his attention as long.


BONUS: Lullaby World

This isn’t a learning channel, which is why I called it a bonus. But it’s helpful when it’s time to put baby to sleep. And it’ll play for 12 hours. Hallelujah 🙌 and Good Night 😴


Let me know what you think of these channels and share your favorites below. 😘