Mia Pluim- Fly Mom Monday April

I’ve known Mia for most of my life, since I was in the 3rd grade to be exact. She was the very pretty 4th grade, big sister of a boy in my class. Unbeknownst to her, I looked up to her then, from afar. Even as a 4th grader, she seemed to poised, elegant and stylish. After elementary school, the next time I saw her was college and she still exemplified all those same qualities I saw when she was a 4th grader.
When she was pregnant with her first child, I naturally knew she was older than me and I was 36 at the time. So unbeknownst to her again, I was looking up to her. She was one of of the few women that I knew that had babies after 35 that kept me inspired. See her do it encouraged me to give up hope of getting pregnant. Unlike with her first pregnancy, that I found out about through social media, I found out when we bumped (pun intended) into each other at Rite Aid. We were both pregnant and only about 4 weeks apart. I was due to deliver first. Although we BOTH were in pain from our pregnancy, we stood there and talked. She was honest with me about the darker side of pregnancy and I sooooo appreciated it. Cause just about everyone else out this micky was feeding me all this happy crap and acting like my baby would be born surrounded by rainbow and glitter, but I digress. It felt good to have someone to talk to in person that could empathize with my struggles. I needed that, and I got the feeling she did too. Just like me, all her friends had their children in their 20’s or earlier, so we milked that convo for as long as we could stand…physically and literally.
We said we would keep in touch and have. She even gave me some great things for my son. I am grateful for her. And although I’ve known her so long, we had never had many conversations. That was a great first one. Yeah I thought she was stylish and cute as a kid, and she still was beautiful as a woman, but seeing how she carried herself during pregnancy magnified all those feelings. She was still teaching and wanted to, although she was in pain and maintaining a more pleasant mood than I think I would have had. Her answer to the first interview question has got my admiring her some more. I read the last sentence and thought, “Mannn she’s my hero.”

Grab a snack and read all that Mia had to say below:

  1. How old were you when you had your most recent child? 1st child? I was 37 when I had my first child and 39 when I had my second child. I am still actively thinking about having another baby.

  • How would you define “fly”? Fly is staying grounded with who you are, despite all these struggles that you may encounter as a new mom.

  • Besides your child (ren), what inspires you to remain fly? I am inspired because I love who I am and all that God has granted me, despite my flaws.

  • How do you feel having had a baby after hitting 35? I am abundantly blessed. It was important for me to be patient and wait for God’s timing, not my own.
  • How would you classify your style? I do not have a particular style. I just like to make sure that when I get dressed in the morning, regardless if I’m staying home or stepping out, I want to feel good about myself and look presentable. This is truly important when having two young ones. It’s easy to forget about your own needs when you’re consistently catering to theirs.

  • What makes you fly? When do you feel the flyest? I did not lose myself just because I became a mommy. I still make time to get my hair and nails done and dress fashionably.
  • What would you tell another mom to help her regain her formerly fly self, whom had let it go due to motherhood? Take some ‘me’ time. What did you enjoying doing that you no longer do now because of your children? Do it! Make time!