March ’19 Fly Mom: Jacquetta

This month for Fly Mom Monday, I’m featuring Jacquetta Robinson. Those who know her would hi probably say she is an extreme smart ass and also an extreme sweetheart. I love her personality, she’s a straight shooter and oftentimes does it with humor too. I think that she’s pretty stylish.

She happens to be one of the prettiest women personally know and has some beautiful melanin.

Not to mention she’s one of my fellow Dove sisters, so she has a beautiful mind too. I was mad excited when I saw she was pregnant. Having my son at an older age has brought me so much joy, so I’m happy when other women get to experience it too.

Jacquetta was still pregnant when I initially write this article. But as of today her son JoĆ« is 1 week old. I interviewed Jay to see howshe’s feeling about becoming an A.M.A. (Advanced Maternal Age) mother and how she feel about being fly. Check out her responses below.

  1. How old will you be when you have your most recent child? How old when you had 1st child? I will be 38 when I have my most recent child. I was 17 when I had my first child. Totally different ends of the spectrum.

  2. Are you concerned about the age gap between your children? I’m not at all concerned about the age gap between my children. My oldest son is very loving, caring and helpful. He LOVES children and he’s very good with them. He’ll be a great protective big brother with a lot of knowledge and life lessons to teach is little brother.
  3. How would you define “fly”? Oddly, I really dislike the word “fly”. I prefer to use the word “fashionable”. Fly seems very trendy. I’m not big on trends but I do love fashion. Even when someone is edgy you can tell the difference between a stylish person and a person who thinks they’re fly. Fly tries. Lol.
  4. Besides your child (ren), what inspires you to remain fly? I think that when you look good you feel good and vice versa. When I look a mess I feel it, so I try to keep my self together visually because it honestly impacts my mood.

  5. How do you feel having had a baby after hitting 35? I’m actually really excited about having a baby after 35. I have so much more to offer now. I’m more aware of myself, I have more financial resources, I read more, I’m more open… I think I’m going into this with a lot of tools that I didn’t have at 17. I’m ready! I also think I look and feel fairly young so there’s still room for a life as well. Lol.
  6. How would you classify your style? In true Aquarian nature my style is eclectic. It really depends on how I’m feeling at the moment and nothing else. Doesn’t matter where I’m going or what anyone else around me is wearing. Lol. I’m going to the opera in retro Jordans or to the movies in a sequin sweatshirt with pumps if I feel like it. I have a Virgo moon though, so I’m always clean and well put together. The details are what’s important.
  7. What makes you fly? When do you feel the flyest? I feel my most fashionable when I get lots of compliments from random women; especially black women. It’s not easy to come by those. Sadly, we reserve our compliments for when we really, really like something, so when people come to me on the street to tell me I look nice or to ask where I got something, I eat it up. It makes my day.
  8. What would you tell another mom to help her regain her formerly fly self, whom had let it go due to motherhood? Start small. Sometimes a new baby comes with great financial strain, so we tend to get stuck on providing instead of doing things for ourselves. It’s not always feasible to just go out and buy a new outfit. Sometimes all it takes is something small. Mixing together old lipsticks to make some new colors and a little DIY’ing to some of your old clothes can really work a miracle. Youtube really is the holy grail for cheap and free upgrades to your hair, makeup and wardrobe.

    Check in next month for A.M.A. for Fly Mom Monday.