I’ve Been Tie-yard

I’m sure all you mommies know what I mean. I’ve been trying to accomplish so MANY different things lately that I’ve barely been sleeping. I know my body was gonna crash in me and Saturday was that day.

I slept from 9am Saturday morning until almost 2am Sunday morning. I slept long, but I co-sleep and nurse, so it wasn’t uninterrupted. It did feel good to sleep.

So because of my exhaustion, my blog here has been suffering from lack of posts. I’m behind but look 4 days, and I’m not even gonna beat myself up about it. I’ll just make my schedule for next week and get back into things then.

I just bathed the baby and laid down a blanket to cover the wet spot where he peed on my bed and put him to sleep. Cause, although I’m a germphobe, I’m too tired to care. I’m going eat, take my meds, shower and get in the bed right next to him so I can turn it in early tonight