Fly Mom Monday December 2018

This month for Fly Mom Monday, I’m featuring Janika. 😍 I recently found out that she and I have been living the last 2 years of our lives from a similar shitty book. 😑

She happens to be the founder of a Facebook group for mom’s that gave birth after 35, that I’m also a member of. So it was only right that I showcase her and her flyness. 😉

Take a look at what Janika had to say during her interview.

1. How old were you when you had your most recent child? 1st child?

I am a mother of three. I conceived my last child on my 40th birthday. My daughter Royal Jewel is now 17 months old. My oldest child is 19 years old, his name is Jase and I have a 12 year old daughter named Journey….. I refer to all of my children as “The J-Squad”
2- How would you define “fly”?

I define “fly” as unapologetically unique. A person who is comfortable in their confidence and in their swag persona.

3. Besides your child(ren), what inspires you to remain fly?

Naysayers and critics of older women and moms. I’m inspired by those who think that because you’ve arrived at a certain age that you automatically let yourself fall off. Child bye!

4. How do you feel having had a baby after hitting 35?

I had no ill feelings about having a baby after 35. I knew how fertile I was so I was good on that. I got married when I was 38 years old & conceive two years later. I did have problems though because right before we got pregnant with the baby that I have now, we went through two miscarriages within a 90-day period. The very first loss hit me really really hard and I didn’t know if I wanted to try again. But everything eventually worked out and I became pregnant with Royal.

5. How would you classify your style.

I classify my style as “Whatever Looks Good On Me Couture”… I get everything from thrift stores, Goodwill, and Citi Trends…. I’ll take a cheap outfit and make it look like a million dollars Honeychild, and will saunter into a room like I paid a bunch of money for it too….

6. What makes you fly? When do you feel the flyest?

What makes me fly is my ability to continue to put myself out there to tackle new goals, even though I’m 42 years old, newly divorced with three children. I’m still setting goals and putting myself out there…… In the midst of the competition of millennials, and societal standards that they say I’m too old and what have you, I continue to put myself out there….. Speaking what I seek until I’m seeing what I say…..

7. What would you tell another mom to help her regain her formerly fly self, whom had let it go due to motherhood?

Give yourself permission to press the “reset” button. Give yourself permission to press the “reinvent” button. Give yourself permission to press the “change your mind” button, give yourself permission to press the “f#$& what anybody else thinks” button…. And most importantly give yourself permission to press the “fly reappear” button because just because you’re “Fly” was on pause does not mean that it has disappeared…. And that’s okay because life happens we just have to do some some self-reflection, change some things around a bit and move forward from there. It can be done. It’s a process but it can be done…..