Fly Mom Monday: Brandi

October’s Fly Mom features Brandi Check out what she has to say about being fly and motherhood after 35.


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1. I was 35 when I had my first baby. I have two stepsons that have lived with me since they were pretty young, so I wouldn’t say I just started tackling motherhood. Buuuut pampers are a bit different than planning for prom.

2. I’d define fly as being yourself. I think we’re all continuing to grow, motherhood makes you tap into another part of yourself. For me it made me less shallow. If you’d asked me before having this baby, I may have said fly means fashionable. Now I say it’s your take on fashion-with comfort and convenience mixed in…whether it’s funky, fun or frumpy! A fly mom goes way beyond fashion. It’s juggling and maintaining sanity. lol. If I can have a funky shoe and a perfectly drawn eyebrow addition to that, I’m winning!

3. I wouldn’t say I’m fly by some standards at this point. What makes me fly is not caring. lol There’s a certain increased confidence that comes along with motherhood. Forget the baby weight or judgment from the peanut gallery. Knowing you grew, carried and birthed a whole baby, is quite the ego boost!

4. Having a baby at 35 is awesome. I’d always told my gyn I was planning for 37!!!! Something about the idea of getting my crotchet split open that didn’t sit well with me. I was scared. 😂

5. My style is….whatever’s clean!!! I seriously don’t think I have one. I’ve always loved sneakers. Before they were a choice, now they’re a necessity! I cannot do sprints after a 1 yr old track star in 6 inch heels.

6. I feel the flyest when I’m well rested and had time to fox myself up, and tried to get fly for date night. And for work sometimes you have to shake off the urge to walk around with Cheerios in your hair, LOL, and pull it together.

7. My advice to any mom who is having a hard time getting her sexy back is, it’s normal. It is a process. 21 months in and I am still just happy if the both of us are clean and fed in public! Lol I’d say that no one is perfect, no mom has it figured out. And the ones who do have a lot of help.