Fly Mom Monday: Jyia

November’s Fly Mom Monday features Jyia. Check out what she has to say below about being fly as a mom over 35.

How old were you when you had your most recent child? 1st child?

I was 37 when I had my daughter
How would you define “fly”?

Fly is knowing who you are and accepting yourself with unconditional love flaws and all.

Besides your child (ren), what inspires you to remain fly?

My desire to be a role model to young ladies in my community. We need to see non famous women that rock so our young girls know, you can be great without the craziness.
How do you feel having had a baby after hitting 35?

Like I can do anything. It was hard but so worth all that came with it.

How would you classify your style?

Effortlessly Cute LOL!!! I like to dress down most of the time but love dress up every now and then.

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What makes you fly? When do you feel the flyest?
I’m fly because there is only one me. But I feel the flyest when my hair is cute and my outfit is cute of course. But nowadays I feel the flyest when my kids give me a hug for no reason at all.
What would you tell another mom to help her regain her formerly fly self, whom had let it go due to motherhood?
I would first say, it’s okay to not be who you were before. We as women are constantly evolving and adapting to what our children need and that’s OK. Accept yourself and allow yourself in your journey to become the woman you hope to be and the forgiveness when you don’t always hit the mark.