February’s 1st Fly Mom Monday: Chanelle

For February, our first fly mom being featured is Chanelle Burt.
A black woman standing at the bottom of a wooden staircase outside of an industrial building with aluminum siding. She has on animal print stilettos, blue jeans, a white top with a black blazer on top.
February ’19 Fly Mom
Chanelle is a former Western High School and Morgan State University classmate of mine. We graduated in 1997 and 2002, respectively. We even had our sons about a month a part, she had her son the day after my birthday. Needless to say, I’ve been around her for a while.

In my opinion, Chanelle has always been stylish and definitely fly. She is working mom, as Senior Vice President for ACN, a wife and a mother of 4. So you know she has a multitude of tasks on her plate. But ask anyone that knows her, and I’m positive they will praise how well she handles it all. She hasn’t let being a mother stop her from losing sight that she’s a woman. She was even still wearing 4-inch heels in her 9 month of pregnancy.

Now that’s some fly shit!

To me that alone was more than enough, because my ass gave up heels not long after I found out I was pregnant. I was not about that life. LOL

I wanted to showcase her because of this and what I see her exemplify about being fly. Here’s what Chanelle had to say when I asked her some question about having a baby after 35 and being fly aka a FLY A.M.A.:
  1. How old were you when you had your most recent child? 38 1st child? 28

  2. How would you define “fly”? Confident…period. Someone’s style, the clothes and makeup can’t “make up” for lack of confidence!

  3. Besides your child (ren), what inspires you to remain fly? In anything, I believe people see you before they hear a word come out of your mouth. While building a global business that revolves around interacting with people, I have to be conscious about what I look like. I’m inspired to look my best for others to have as an example to do the same.

  4. How do you feel having had a baby after hitting 35? Having a baby after 35 seems to be so common today…normal. if you want to have a child and are able to do so, go for it! I think when you’re older you have more patience anyway.
  5. How would you classify your style? My style is pretty laid back and comfy when I’m not doing business…but it seems I’m always doing business so I would say pretty much business casual…not too trendy.

  6. What makes you fly? I think my attitude/confidence makes me fly…not necessarily what I wear or how I look. There are some very pretty women in the world with bad attitudes and/or low self-esteem When do you feel the flyest? I feel flyest when my hair and nails are done and I’m totally relaxed…when my mind isn’t racing thinking about the millions of things I have to do…and heels…yes, when I’m wearing heels, I feel the flyest!
  7. What would you tell another mom to help her regain her formerly fly self, whom had let it go due to motherhood? I’m not sure if “letting it go” is what moms do…I think it’s more of accepting what they look like per-se after having a whole person come out of their body…lol. My only advice would be to love yourself regardless and not be ashamed of the not-so-flat stomach and stretch marks, or overall weight gain that some may be dealing with. Life is too short to stress over being what we tend to think is perfect. I had to come to grips with this myself. My stomach didn’t bounce back as much as it did with my other kids…maybe it had to do with me being older AND delivering a 10lb 3oz baby…smh! Once I started loving everything about me, I WANTED to change things on my terms instead of FORCING myself. I actually WANT to eat healthier and work out more…to be healthy and fly :-)…but not because I feel that I’m “suppose” to look a certain way!
Having a baby at any age is a blessing. I think when having children at an older age, they get a better YOU…more patient, more loving, priorities tend to be a little more in order and you see life completely different than you did in your 20s…well, most women…maybe 🙂 I was an only child, but I now have four children of my own…two girls, two boys…all different personalities. It’s pretty fun in my house!

If you’re a woman that is considering having a baby and you’re 35 and over, it’s not too late. There are gonna be some issues for sure, but having a baby at any age has that. Even if you’ve already had your baby after 35, and wonder if you are still fly….you ARE. Chanelle offers some encouraging words, in case you need a little mom pep talk.