DIY Baby Busy Box

So I made my son a busy box. Every time I have him down on the floor he is forever pulling at some cord or a string hanging from something, carpet strings coming up the floor or cable cord. And although my “No” and “Stop” game are real strong, I needed to redirect his focus.

While on Pinterest one night, I happen to see a picture of a little girl in front of a box with strings, so I clicked on the article. I’m like, you know what this looks like what I need, and I said I’m going to make me one.

Unfortunately, I did not take all pictures as I went a long but I do have a few and a picture of the final product. Lemme walk you through the steps.

I used the box that my blender came in.

Drilled holes using my electric screwdriver and drill bits. You can also use a Phillips screwdriver to punch the holes. Which I had to use to make some of the holes larger.

I painted the box 2 coats a Cobalt blue, with matte acrylic paint.

I sprayed it with Modge Podge gloss sealer. *NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend this as it made the paint easier to peel.* I’m probably gonna paint  it with the matte acrylic paint.

Then I gathered most of the ribbon, rope and string I had.

I used a safety pin on the ends of the ribbon to feed them through the holes in the boxes. And used tape around the ends of the string and rope to feed them through. I even added a few medium beads to some of the strings.

I put them in different directions as I saw in the original post, to help my son with cause and effect.

Lastly, I put Velcro on the inside flaps of the open end of the box so that I be able to open it and show him how it’s all working on the inside.

Here’s a 360° view of the finished box.

He seems to enjoy the box, whether it’s pulling the strings, chewing the string or banging the box, it keeps him BUSY.‏ 😁😁