About Me

Hellooooo Mommies!!

Come in, take off your shoes and let me talk to you for a little bit.  Call me Sherese, Rese or Chef Rese.

And although I’m the ripe “old” age of 39, I got pregnant for the first time with my son at 37. Almost a year, to the exact date, prior I was told I couldn’t get pregnant naturally after wanting to have a baby for many years.  So I was filled with a plethora of emotions.

Although I had helped raise my sister, this was MY first pregnancy, so a baby of my own. 😍😍 That came with some challenges too. At “my age” I knew I would probably face some different challenges than younger moms. But I’ll save those stories for another day, or 6…whatever. Lol


I created this blog to chronicle some of my experiences in new motherhood, along with how that coincides with me still being a woman. So hopefully you pick up some tips, tools, tricks, hacks and of course laughs along the way. I have a lot to share, just so long as I actually remember to get it posted. Cause my time ain’t my own anymore, my son said “Gimme dat”. 😁

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